Massage team - Andrea

masseuse Andrea
Andrea not only knows how to treat your body and soul, but she is also a pleasant companion who will listen to your troubles and offer you the light at the end of the tunnel. Art and life go hand in hand with her touch.

What I like:

I like life as it comes. I try to see some opportunity in every moment. I am an optimist, and even in the worst life situation I try to find at least something positive. I like early summer mornings and sleepy evenings, salt-scented air, sitting with friends over good food, the pulsating bustle of the big city but also solitude without words.

Why she does massage:

For me, massages are a natural way to harmonize the body and soul. During the massage ritual, their perfect connection occurs, and the subsequent feeling of rebirth persists long after its end. On a deeper level, massages help to better understand and listen to one's own body and thus find a way to oneself.

Favourite massage:

Each of us perceives touch and the need for it differently. Some people need more time to relax, others just a moment. Your body will tell itself what it wants during the massage, and I will consciously and lovingly accompany it. Massages will bring you relaxation, release, and incredible rest. Among my favorites is the complex and elaborate two-hour Treasure of the Orient massage, which draws on the wisdom of Eastern cultures and brings healing to the body and harmony of the soul. When it comes to the therapeutic massages, I am close to the Holistic massage, which includes work with the body and soul.