Treasure of the orient

Oriental Treasure Deep Relaxation Massage This massage draws on traditional Ayurvedic healing procedures such as Indian head massage, deep whole-body massage with warm sesame oil or reflexology foot massage. It works with important energy centres and the most strained parts of the body where tension and stress accumulate during the day. It brings quick alleviation of stiff muscle pain and it is the ideal cure for your nervous system. After a hard day it will remove your tiredness, relax the body and mind and help you tune into your personal life.

Massage procedure:

The massage starts with a gentle stretching and pressure massage carried out through a sarong or towel. The massage is pleasantly relaxing and energising and it helps to feel comfortable and connected with your body. Than we will continue with anti-stress head and neck massage and reflexology foot massage without using the oil. This removes the rest of the tension and helps you to relax on a very deep level. Then we will use hot towels with lavender oil to massage your back and hips. The warmth helps with tension and prepares the body for the deep tissue oil massage with warm sesame oil, which is known for its detoxifying effects. In longer session we also use hot stones to regain energy and help with muscle pain. The therapists work with the entire body and concentrates especially on problematic and painful places. At the end the therapists will harmonise your energy and close the whole process.


  • 60 minutes .................... 1.600 CZK
  • 90 minutes .................... 2.200 CZK
  • 120 minutes .................... 2.700 CZK

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This wonderful massage is based on Ayurvedic healing procedures and it brings deep relaxation and effective relief from tension and pain. Order