Holistic Massage

Holistic massageHolistic massage is done on a comfortable futon with candlelight, the scent of aromatic oils and the sound of relaxing music, which all together help establish psychological and physical well-being. The massage uses the effects of body therapy, bioenergetics, aromatherapy and classical massage and it covers the whole body including head and feet.

Massage procedure:

Holistic massage starts with a talk about your desires and psychological and physical needs. After that comes the body therapeutic massage to establish contact, anchor and deepen our mutual trust. This part of the massage is carried out without using oil and it brings the feeling of grounding and calmness. It includes gentle stretching, rocking, harmonisation and working with breath. When your body is sufficiently relaxed, the therapist continues with oil massage using aromatherapy essential oils. The oil massage follows the therapist’s intuition and massage strokes can resemble dancing moves. The therapist focuses on relaxing muscle tension and pain, releasing stiff places while interconnecting movement and breath. The therapist is consciously present throughout the massage session. The massage closes with meditation with music.

Massage effects:

Holistic massage brings the feeling of deep body and mental restoration; it releases tension and stress and brings about the feeling of calm and inner balance in stressful and critical life situations. The full presence of the therapist helps establish contact with your body, relieve emotional as well as physical tension and bring about the feeling of calm, harmony and grounding. Holistic massage is one of relaxing and energetic massage types and its aim is to harmonise the energy in the body, to release tension and stress and to give you the time you need for mental and physical restoration.


  • 120 minutes .................... 2.700 CZK
  • 150 minutes .................... 3.300 CZK
  • 180 minutes .................... 3.800 CZK

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Holistic massage is one of relaxing and energetic massage types. It harmonises the energy, release tension and stress and provide time for mental and physical restoration. Order