Massage team - Zdeněk

masseuse Zdeněk
Zdeněk has been massaging members of his family since childhood. He returned to massages for a living more than 10 years ago. Since then, he has gained experience in massages at summer festivals, in private practice and at hotels in Špindlerův mlýn and Vysočina. He has refined his massage style on many clients and demonstrates a precise massage technique with long strokes and thorough massaging of the parts that need it most. He can really push and get deep into the back muscles. On top of that, he controls the acupressure points, so during the massage he can inform you what your body would like to improve and gives you some advice on how to do it.

What I like:

I like to create objects from wood, play drums, violin, and bass guitar. I go to the forest and the mountains, mainly to look for rare crystals, but also to get wet in the stream and observe how the living water jumps over the overgrown stones. I enjoy picking mushrooms and herbs. I fell in love with the island called Madeira, where I would like to open my own massage center sometime in the future.

Why he does massage:

I see massage as a kind of care that the body needs at least once in a while. The body will be relieved, the spirit will be warmed, and perhaps the gates of a different experience of the ordinary world will open. By stimulating acupressure points, you can draw attention to possible deficiencies in body care, diet, and other habits.

Favourite massage:

My favorite is the Therapeutic Rehabilitation Massage, where I manage to focus sufficiently on most parts of the human body within 2 hours. I like to work with lava stones, which wonderfully warm up the muscles. As a relaxing massage I like the Relaxing aroma massage with scented oils.