Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage

Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage Relaxing aromatherapy massage joins the effect of essential oils with calming acupressure, curative elements of the classical massage, relaxing techniques of Hawaiian forearm massage, anti-stress head massage, reflexology foot massage and the wholesome effect of hot stone massage or hot towel massage, all this depending on your preferences and current state of mind.

Massage procedure:

The relaxing aromatherapy massage starts with a talk over a cup of good tea during which you can tell the therapist what you need and what parts of your body they should concentrate on, whether because these parts are painful and need relaxing, or because you enjoy having them massaged. The actual massage starts on the massage futon and includes working on the whole body. It includes various kinds of strokes – using hands, forearms, hot towels or hot lava stones, it can focus on healing or relaxing, it can unwind, invigorate, calm down or simply provide joy.

The massage includes:

  • A mixture of aromatherapy oils prepared just for you.
  • Hot towel massage with essential oils to relax and warm up muscles.
  • Whole-body oil massage using warm oil.
  • Anti-stress head massage.
  • Reflexology Foot Massage.
  • Hot lava stone massage.

Massage effects:

Relaxing aromatherapy massage calms down and harmonises whole body and mind, especially if you feel overworked, it is good after overstraining, nervous fatigue, against depression, insomnia and other problems. It helps against muscle pain; enhances the flow of the lymph and blood circulation in the skin, removes metabolic toxins and thus helps detoxification. For its harmonising effects it is one of the most popular massage types in our centre.


  • 90 minutes .................... 2.300 CZK
  • 120 minutes .................... 2.700 CZK
  • 150 minutes .................... 3.300 CZK

Give this massage as a gift


This relaxing massage of the whole body with using an original mixture of essential oils in combination with acupressure treatment is a perfect gift for both man and woman. Order