Royal Bali massage

Royal Bali massage Bali is one of the islands of the Indonesian archipelago and also a place where massage is a common part of people’s everyday lives. Thanks to the development of trading, Bali massage was influenced for centuries by the mixture of Indian, Arabic, Chinese and Malaysian cultures. The result is a wonderful exotic procedure whose beautifying benefits will be appreciated especially by women. Bali massage includes a flower bath, perfumed peeling and whole-body massage with exotic oils that will beautifully scent and nourish soft female skin. It is primarily a harmonising and relaxing massage, but it also includes the stretching of all muscles. You will leave relaxed and full of energy.

Massage procedure:

Bali massage procedure is a real treat for all the senses. It is carried out in a thematically furnished room with a comfortable heart-shaped bath full of essential oils, on a comfortable massage futon and with the tones of pleasant music. The massage starts with pressure massage through a warmed-up soft towel during which your body is nicely stretched and pressed so that stiff muscles and stressed mind are relaxed. Then comes the whole-body massage, using natural massage oils with plumeria and passion flower scent. The massage strokes are nice, long and gentle, which helps overall relaxation. The massage is followed by whole-body peeling which will promote blood circulation in your skin, remove dead skin cells and perfume your body with an exotic scent. The massage is rounded off with a 20-minute flower bath with rose petals and Dead Sea salt during which refreshments and drinks are served.

Massage effects:

Bali massage is known primarily as a traditional procedure of Indonesian princesses because it rejuvenates, beautifies and heals the body and soul. Royal Bali massage harmonises and pampers your whole body, natural exotic oils revive your skin and fill you with positive energy. During the oil massage the muscles of your body are relaxed and stretched and you are deeply relaxed.


  • 120 minutes .................... 3.000 CZK

Give this massage as a gift


Bali massage is a luxury gift for every woman who likes to be pampered. Whole-body massage with the highest-quality natural oils, rose-petals flower bath and whole-body peeling will caress your body and soul. Order