Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology Foot Massage Reflexology foot massage is an over-4500-year-old curative method drawing on traditional Chinese therapeutic procedures. It is based on acupressure stimulation of reflexive points of the soles of the feet that are connected to all bodily organs through energetic lines. Stimulating these points can positively affect the function of related organs and finally the correct functioning of the whole bodily system. Reflexology foot massage restores your energy, removes stress and induces the feeling of deep relaxation.

Massage procedure:

The massage starts with a calming warm foot bath with Dead Sea minerals and restorative essential oils. While you drink a cup of good tea, your feet are thoroughly massaged in water and treated with a peeling procedure that removes hardened skin and stimulates blood circulation. After that your feet are dried with a terry towel. The bath is followed by acupressure foot massage carried our while you are lying on a comfortable futon so that your feeling of deep relaxation is maximised. This part of the massage gradually stimulates your whole organism and brings the feeling of deep relaxation. The last part of the massage is carried out using quality aromatherapy oils and all muscles, ligament structures and joins in your feet are relaxed. At your request, the reflexology foot massage can follow with an anti-stress massage of the head, neck and shoulders.

Massage effects:

Reflexology foot massage uses pressure stimulation of reflexive zones on the feet corresponding to individual organs in our body. Each reflexive point is the ending of a nerve line which starts in the brain, goes through the given organs and ends in our foot. By stimulating the relevant point we positively affect the correct functioning of the given organ and we can start the process of its natural regeneration. Reflexology massage has a positive effect against blockages of the spine, headaches, it supports detoxification and the lymphatic system, and it releases blockages in the area of soles, ankle and instep and the feeling of heavy feet.

Who is the massage suitable for:

Reflexology foot massage helps against overwork, stress, fatigue, problems with the spine, the feeling of heavy legs etc. It is suitable for everyone who needs to unwind during the day, slow down and relax.


  • 30 minutes .................... 650 CZK
  • 60 minutes .................... 1.150 CZK
  • 90 minutes .................... 1.550 CZK

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Acupressure foot massage has a positive effect on the activity of inner organs, it relieves tension, and it provides the feeling of ease and relaxation. The massage includes a foot bath and peeling in an herbal bath with Dead Sea minerals. Order