Massage team - Mája

masseuse Mája
Mája is a very experienced masseuse with many years of experience in body care. Thanks to years of strength training, she has enough strength to push hard when needed. So, you don't have to worry about some light stroking waiting for you in her hands. On the contrary, she can perfectly diagnose a problem and energetically solve it. However, her main features are her pleasant nature, openness, and professionalism.

What I like:

I like movement in nature, long walks around my wonderful Prague with all its sights and hidden corners. If I find myself in the countryside, I go out on my bike in any weather, get to know the beauty of the surroundings and always try to visit new places. On summer days, I love to paddleboard, both on the lakes and on the river. In winter, I like to skate and ski. I go abroad several times a year, where I also do massages and exercise.

Why she does massage:

I started working with the human body more than 22 years ago. I began as a personal trainer in a fitness center, where I not only exercised with people, but also prepared their routines. The result of my work was clients who could see my influence as well as their efforts and desires to change. In order to take the work with the body even further, I started studying how to do massages. I must say that I was fascinated by this form of care for the human body. I soon went through a whole series of courses and learned many types of massages. I usually start the whole procedure with a palpation examination and, based on it, I combine sensations from several massages that relax the client. It quickly becomes a "tailored massage". The main reward and pleasure for me is when the client leaves satisfied, relieved of all their problems and is happy to return.

Favourite massage:

My favorite massage is the customized massage, which is the most effective and usually helps the client in a targeted way where they have a problem. It makes me really happy when a client leaves smiling because they are no longer in pain.