Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Hot stone massage originated in Hawaii, so it is sometimes called Hawaiian lava stone massage. The rhythmic massage using hands and forearms is accompanied by the effects of warmth, which the lava stones first absorb and then slowly release. This typical quality of the stones is used to warm up the body and spread energy around the body. Hot stone massage is also one of the most popular massages in our studio, especially during colder parts of the year or in cases of deep tiredness when clients need to regain energy.

Massage procedure:

Hawaiian hot stone massage uses basalt stones of natural origin, warmed up to 55-60°C (130-140° F) and warm exotic oil selected by the client. It uses palms, forearms and the weight of the therapist, as in the Hawaiian massage. The most important element is to stretch all muscles, release blockages and to deeply relax the client. The warmth stays in the stones for a long time and can enter tissues, muscles and joints and relax even acutely stiff and painful places. It is recommended for backache and joint pains, after sports exertion as well as a pleasant relaxation.


  • 90 minutes .................... 2.500 CZK
  • 120 minutes .................... 3.000 CZK

Give this massage as a gift


Hot stone massage is the ideal gift during cold winter months. Lava stones are great for warming up the body, relaxing stiff and painful muscles and providing the body with revitalising energy. Order