Hawaiian Lomi-lomi massage

Hawaiian Massage Lomi-LomiThe unique massage from the Hawaiian Islands will win you over by its exotic atmosphere coupling rhythmic music with the scent of distant lands and the curative effects of the traditional massage technique using not only the palms, but also forearms and the weight of the massage therapist. With the use of long strokes on the whole body, a deep physical and psychological relaxation is achieved. The rhythmic part of the massage sets in motion the natural energy so you will leave the massage centre not only relaxed, but also full of optimism.

Massage procedure:

The massage starts with a contact massage to ease tension, carried out through a sarong or towel. It is followed by an oil massage starting with long deep strokes along the spine using forearms. This way the erectors and deep back muscles are stretched. The therapist will continue with shoulders, shoulder blades, neck spine, lower back and hips until they are nicely relaxed. The pleasant massage of the buttocks is also included. In longer sessions, you can also enjoy nice and long strokes with forearms in the area of thighs and calf muscles, thorough feet massage and anti-stress head massage.

Possible variations of our Hawaiian massage:

COCONUT DREAM Hawaiian massage

This version uses nutritional effects and the pleasant scent of 100% organic coconut oil. If you close your eyes it will take you to faraway tropical lands. With your eyes closed, you might hear the hum of the ocean. You will feel its beautiful scent on you skin for the rest of the day.


The intoxicating flower scent of jasmine, rose, passion flower and plumeria will caress your body and soul and will allow you to choose whatever you need. The luxury oils from Pure Fiji will nourish your skin and leave it silky soft and fragrant.


  • 60 minutes .................... 1.600 CZK
  • 90 minutes .................... 2.200 CZK
  • 120 minutes .................... 2.700 CZK

Give this massage as a gift


The Hawaiian massage is an interesting and exotic gift for both men and women. The massage pleasantly stretches the whole body, while the fragrant oils, exotic music and the pleasant environment provide a sense of luxury. Order